Frage: Day R Survival Werkzeug?

How do I survive day in R?

Day R Survival Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive Longer

  1. Choose Your Game Mode Wisely.
  2. Log In Every Day Your Rewards.
  3. Know Where To Search.
  4. Craft A Lot.
  5. Sleep With The Lights On.
  6. How To Win Battles.
  7. Beware of Injuries.
  8. Watch Your Weight.

Where to find tools in day R?

Shopping. This item is included in a set called “Tool Box” located in the popular tab of the shop for 250 caps (lowered to 200 caps when reaching a certain level threshold).

Where is the hacksaw in day r survival?


  1. Department store.
  2. Garage.
  3. Car workshop x 1-3.
  4. Construction site.
  5. level 2 bandit city fort.
  6. level 3 bandits city forts in the garage, both level 2 and 3 offer 1-3 hacksaw either rusted or not.

How do you get water in R Survival Day?


  1. Clean water can be found in Hospitals as well as Military Bandits Bases.
  2. When searching in Mountains, survivors have a chance to find a stream and they have to option to collect clean water from it.
  3. Clean water can also be collected during Rainy Weather Event.

Is r day offline?

You cannot be online without an internet connection.

Where can I find salt in day r?


  • Bandit camps.
  • Cafe.
  • Department store.
  • Hospital – Canteen.
  • School – Canteen.
  • Intact houses.
  • Military base – Canteen.
  • Restaurant.
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How do you get a pet in day in R survival?

Pets gain experience from using abilities (see their individual pages) or by being taken to combat. This means that they do not get experience from crafting, quests, etc. Experience from a battle is divided evenly among all of the characters that were in it, meaning the main character as well as pet(s).

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